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FoneMonitor is the most reliable smartphone activities monitor to help you spy on the Android or iOS device users.

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Hack contacts, photos, app messages and more on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Track call logs, message, GPS, photos and more on Android smartphone

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Monitor text, calls and data usage on any device.

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FoneMonitor, as a leading brand of Android and iOS phone monitoring solution, always strives to provide users with the best and the most safe service. No matter you are parents or employers, FoneMonitor is the best choice for you to manager your kids or employees for safety or work management. FoneMonitor provide web-based services like monitoring target Android or iPhone messages, calls, WhatApp and many other data, even you can track your kid's GPS location to ensure their safety. Believe FoneMonitor and experience better digital life.

The Most Accurate and Reliable Monitor for Android Devices

We have been dedicating ourselves to make the most reliable and trustworthy monitor for Android phones or tablets. We are glad to see that FoneMonitor has won favors from users all around the world. We all believe that FoneMonitor is the best monitoring solution.



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