How to Check and Block Inappropriate Apps on an Android Phone/Tablet?

How can FoneMonitor spy on the apps on the target device?

monitor installed apps

Monitor the Install Apps

You can know every single app that installed on the monitored Android device, with a "Search" filter if there are too many apps on it.

block apps

Block inappropriate apps or Games

Restrict access to the chosen apps. This is useful for parents who want to keep their kids away from distracting apps and games.

How to use FoneMonitor to block Apps or games on the target phone?

Step 1: To block apps on Android phone, you will need to register FoneMonitor first. Click Sign Up to make an account. Here you are required to give a valid email address, and the password. When the account is created, you can use it across all platforms.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Now enter the name and age of the phone owner. Then select “Android” in this case to proceed (iOS device is not supported for this feature currently). The following is installing FoneMonitor app on the Android phone you want to monitor. Please read the tutorial How to Monitor an Android phone to learn the installing process step-by-step.

setup on Android

Step 3: Now everything is ready, open a browser on your own phone or computer, and login your account on FoneMonitor. From the dashboard, you can find “Applications”. Click it and all of the installed apps will be displayed. Find the ones you want to block and turn it off. Thus, the user will receive the notification as shown below when he/she tries to open the blocked app. The blocked apps are not available until you turn it on again.

block app on monitored phone

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