How to Check Photos on iPhone or Android Phones?

What can FoneMonitor track about the photos on phone?

check photo on iphone

Hack and view photos

You can easily view the photos on the monitored phone including photos, screenshots and pictures.

hack photos

Download the photos

You can choose to download the photos displayed by FoneMonitor as thumbnails or the original files.

How to hack photos on the target device

Step 1: The first step is to create an account for FoneMonitor. You can create account on or FoneMonitor app. The account can be used on desktop and within the apps.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Then you will be required to complete the target phone information. It includes the name and age of the target device’s owner. If the target phone is iOS device, you can read more details on how to monitor iPhone. If it is an Android phone or tablet, please read on how to monitor Android device.

setup on Android

Step 3:Click the "Photo" option from the left panel to allow the photos on the target phone display. Click any of the photos to enlarge and enter the view mode. According to your needing, there are options like Slider show, Full screen and Thumbnails you can use. And you can download the wanted photos as well.

monitor iPhone

Tips: When you want to check the info on the target phone, you can just go to, logging in your account and check. It means you don't have to install the app on your own phone. But if you prefer to hack the information within an app, it also works if you check them within the FoneMonitor app that installed on your phone.

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