How to Hack Phone Contacts on iPhone or Android Phones?

What can FoneMonitor track about the contacts on phone

hack android phone contacts

View Contacts in Detail

Hack phone contacts on the target device including names, phone numbers, address, group, organization, emails, etc.

hack phone contacts

Downloadable Contact Lists

The contact lists detected by FoneMonitor can be downloaded to the local.

How to hack phone contacts on the target device?

Step 1: To begin with, you need to create a FoneMonitor account on or on FoneMonitor App downloaded on your phone.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Complete the FoneMonitor setup process by entering the target phone information. For iOS device, please see the detailed guides on how to monitor iPhone (how to monitor Android device for Android users).

setup on Android

Step 3: When the pre-work is all ready, you will see the main interface of FoneMonitor like this. To hack phone contacts, click "Contacts" on the left panel to display the contact information on the target phone. The detailed content is shown on the right side of the interface. Now you can view all of the contacts in detail with name, phone number, email, address, etc.

To better meet your requirement, you can use the Search feature on the right top corner to find your wanted information quickly. And the "Refresh" icon allow you to update the contacts on the monitored device.

monitor iPhone

Tips: When you want to check the activities on the target device, you can go straight to the browser and sigh into your FoneMonitor account on to check them. But alternatively, you can also download the App on your own device if you would like to.

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