How to Monitor iPhone Data without Jailbreaking?

Here is detailed guide for how to spy on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.

Or find the steps for how to monitor Android device.

FoneMonitor has the ability to remotely monitor someone's iOS devices (including iOS 12), it is a good choice for responsible parents who want to supervise their children in daily life, in order to protect them from potential dangers like being addicted to the games, pornography, cyber-violence, bad temptation and many more. Also FoneMonitor is an assistant for employers who need to be informed of the employees’ activities in work place. Now, learn to easily track iPhone location, view the contacts, read the messages and more.

Preparation for Starting Spying on iPhone and iPad

register account

A Registered Account

Obtain integral features in FoneMonitor.

target iphone

Apply for Admission to the Target iPhone

No need extra app, but the permission to access to iPhone is needed.

set icloud

iCloud Account of the iPhone

You should know the iCloud account and password of target iPhone.

monitor iphone

Start Monitoring

It is up to you to monitor iPhone using different browsers.

Step by Step Guide on How to Monitor Target iOS Devices

Step 1. Sign up on FoneMonitor

First of all, what you should do is to create a FoneMonitor account by clicking the "Try it now" button below. Then you will see the "Create an Account" window as the image shows. Fill in your valid Email address and set a password for your FoneMonitor account. After you complete it, click "Sign up" to easily create your account.

Tips: In order to get all advanced features, we recommend you to make your account as a premium edition or an ultimate edition. If you want to learn more about the difference between different editions, you can check the "Pricing Plans" to choose the suitable one.

Try it now

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2. Verify iCloud Account

Try to complete the setup process in this step. After you register an account on FoneMonitor, you will be navigated to a window where you need to fill in the information about the iOS device you want to monitor.

In the Setup Wizard window, you will be asked to provide the "Name of the target device's owner" and "Age of the target device's owner". Then in the last selection box, you can choose "iOS (iCloud)" in this case.

setup iPhone

After that, click "Next" button on the bottom, you can go to next window. Now, it is time to verify the iCloud ID and password which is used on the device you try to spy on. Remember to ensure the target iOS device has activated the iCloud backup and syncing service in order that you can accurately monitor the data on the iOS device. After you fill in the iCloud ID and password, please click "Verify" button.

Tips: If iCloud backup and syncing service has not been activated on the target device, please visit to learn how to setup iCloud backup on iOS devices.

verify icloud account

Step 3. Monitor iPhone and iPad Activities

Now you can start spying on iPhone and iPad now. After the verification, you will be at control panel directly. The detailed data on the monitored iPhone and iPad devices will be synced in a short period of time. FoneMonitor will automatically update the data every time when you log in your account. If you want to update the data manually, you can click the "update" icon beside the last update time on the top left side of the window.

Tips: If the target iOS device is shut down, powered off or not connected to the internet, the data in FoneMonitor can't be updated in this situation.

monitor iPhone

Part Three: Learn more About the Data You Could Spy:

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