How to Read Memos & Reminders on iPhone or Android Phones?

What can FoneMonitor track about the calendar activities on phone?

Read Memos & Reminders

View notes

View the notes and reminders including title, list, date, address and more.

track reminders

Play Voice Memos

View and play voice memos that marked on the target phone.

How to hack calendar activities on the target device

Step 1: To track activities on the monitoring device, the first step is to register an account on FoneMonitor. Simply go to and create one. Alternatively, you can download FoneMonitor app on your phone and finish the register process.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: The following step will require you to provide with the target device information. You can fill in the form as the screenshot showing below. To learn more about the setup process, iOS device users can read on how to monitor iPhone. If it is an Android phone or tablet that you are going to monitor, please read the details on how to monitor Android device.

setup on Android

Step 3: After you have finish the setup process, go to dashboard on FoneMonitor. From there you can find "Reminders" option on the left panel. Click it and let the program tracking the notes and reminders on the monitoring phone. It will display the info including Title, List, Date, Address, Priority and Note. Also, you can check the notes or remainders that created on a specific time with the help of the filter on the top.

monitor iPhone

Tips: It's easy to follow to target device activities by simply log in your account on, which means you can track the device without installing extra app on your own phone. But if you prefer to follow the activities within an App, you also have a choice to do it within FoneMonitor App.

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