How to Set Phone Schedule Restriction for Your Kids with FoneMonitor?

What can FoneMonitor do with the schedule restriction feature?

schedule restriction

Set time restrictions for using phone

Create times restrictions flexibly according to your needs. Parents can use this feature to limit the time of using phone for their kids.

restrict functions of phone

Stop everything on the monitored device

Once it’s turned on, everything on the target phone or tablet is restricted, including calls, messages and all of the apps on the device.

Steps to set time limits on the monitored Android phone with FoneMonitor

Step 1: To begin with, you’ll need to be a part of FoneMonitor by registering an account on FoneMonitor website or within FoneMonitor app. Please enter your email and make a password for it.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Next you will be required to enter your kid’s name and age. Then Choose “Android” in this case (Currently we don't have this feature for iPhone). After that, it's time to install FoneMonitor on your kid’s phone. To do this, please read the tutorial How to Monitor Android Phone to know the step-by-step instruction.

setup on Android

Step 3: After you have installed FoneMonitor app on target phone, now back to your phone or computer, login the account you just created. From the left menus, scroll down and find “Schedule Restriction”. Click it and there will be a brief introduction for this feature. Click “Start”. Now you can start setting time restriction for your kid!

set schedule restriction

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