How to Hack WhatsApp on iPhone or Android Phones?

What can FoneMonitor track about WhatsApp data on device?

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WhatsApp Chatting History

FoneMonitor shows you the WhatsApp chatting history on the monitored device.

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Read & Download WhatsApp Attachments

You can preview and download the attachments shared on WhatsApp, including photos, videos and voice files.

How to monitor geofences on the target device

Step 1: To begin with, please create an account on This account is used to check the activities on monitored devices. You can also register the FoneMonitor account on the FoneMonitor app.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: When the account is created, please complete the setup process by providing the target device information. Currently hacking WhatsApp data is only available on iOS devices. You can simply verify the iCloud ID and password that used on the target iOS devices. To better know how to setup FoneMonitor, please read on how to monitor iPhone.

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Step 3: Now when everything is set, log in your FoneMonitor account. From the left panel, click “Social Apps” and then find “WhatsApp”. Now you can clearly see the information that created on the monitored device!

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Update: You can even view and download the attachement files from the WhatsApp chat. Be it you can see the Words, Excel, PowerPoint, photos, audios, videos from the WhatsApp history.

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Tips: When using FoneMonitor, you don't need to install any extra app on your devices. When you want to check the monitored device data, you just need to go to and login your account. And you can check. But it also provides you with the app version if you would like to track the target phone content on your device within an App.

Premium Edition

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Ultimate Edition

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