How to Track GPS Location for iPhone or Android Phones?

What can FoneMonitor track about GPS data on device?

Monitor gps

Track Current Location

Track the exact location where the target Android device is.

track gps

Follow Route History

Know the route history that the monitored iPhone and Android device has been.

How to monitor GPS location on the target device?

Step 1: To follow the GPS location, first you need to have a FoneMonitor account. Simply go for and register an account for yourself following the instructions.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Now you will be required to enter the target device information. Please finish it and complete the setup process. Note that currently following GPS location is only available for Android phones or tablets. If you are not clear for the setup process, please move to how to monitor android devices.

setup on Android

Step 3:When you have set your account, you can now follow the GPS location for an Android devices. Click “Location” on the left side menu. Now you can see the location where the monitored device is. It also displays the exact address and time for you.

monitor iPhone

Tips: Whenever you want to know the location of the monitored phone, all you need is to log in your account on and check. That means any extra apps are not needed to install on your own phone. But if it is more convenient for you to check the activities within an app, you can install FoneMonitor app on your own phone.

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