How to Track the Phone Location via Wi-Fi Access Point?

What information does FoneMonitor offer with the Wi-Fi Signals on Android phone?

monitor wifi logger

Know the Wi-Fi network info

FoneMontior shows you the Wi-Fi name that the monitored phone connects to, together with the Start and End time.

track wifi signal location

Track the phone location via Wi-Fi signal

You can know the target phone location on a map via the location of the Wi-Fi hotspots the phone joins.

How to Track the monitored Android phone via the Wi-Fi signal the phone connect with?

Step 1: Go the Sigh Up page to register a FoneMonitor account. This account is used to view the information on the monitored phone. It’s easy, as you just need to enter a valid Email address and make the password. Alternatively, you can download FoneMonitor app on your own phone and create an account on it.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Now it will require you to enter the information about the target person. You just need to provide with the name and age of the people you want to monitor. Then choose the Android icon in this case (Currently this features is not available for iOS device). Please read the track Android phone setup tutorial in details.

setup on Android

Step 3: Once the setup process is all finished, you can now go to login your FoneMonitor account within the FoneMonitor app or on a browser. Choose the “WiFI Logger” option. You can now view the WiFi name and the connecting time with location on a map in detailed!

track wifi logger

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