How to View Deleted Messages, Calls, Photos and more on the Monitored Phone?

What deleted information can FoneMonitor discover?

check deleted sms calls

View deleted data

FoneMonitor gives you chances to see the deleted text messages, calls, photos and videos on the monitored Android device.

download deleted files

Download the deleted photos and videos

You can preview and download the deleted photos and videos (as screenshots) selectively.

How to view deleted messages and other data on the target Android phone/tablet?

Step 1: On FoneMonitor website, click “Sign Up”to create an account on FoneMonitor. It’s simple, as it only requires you to enter your valid email address and a password. Agree our terms of use and click the “Sign Up” button.

Create fonemonitor Account

Step 2: Next, it followed by the setup process. Fill in the information about the target phone user, including the name and age. To view the deleted data on the phone, please continue by selecting “Android” in this case (iPhone is not supported for this feature). Now it's time to install FoneMonitor on the target phone. You can read the details on How to Spy on Android Phone, where shows you the tutorials to setup the target phone step-by-step.

setup on Android

Step 3: Now login your account on a browser or on FoneMonitor app downloaded on your own phone. From the dashboard, click “Clue”. It will display the recent deleted messages, calls, photos and videos. You can preview and ever click “More” to discover more deleted data on the monitored Android device.

see deleted messages

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